Tippy Ballet - Once Upon A Time - Coppelia

Tippy Ballet - Once Upon A Time - Coppelia

  • Book for lesson
  • Music Player
  • Colored Mats
  • Choreography Music
  • Stickers/ Hand Stamps
  • Once Upon a Time

Share of the Day

Favorite Doll at home


1.  Coppelia- Book
Read the Story of Coppelia. This should take about 5 minutes.

Literacy Activities

Warm Up
2.  Partner Dancing like Dolls
You will partner up each dancer to act out the story.


4.  Butterfly Stretch
Teach the basic stretch of butterfly, working to keep the feet together while bending forward.

5.  Pike Stretch
Legs in front, tightly together, aiming to keep the knees straight every time you reach forward to stretch.

6.  Straddle Stretch
Work for straight knees, tall backs, and pointed feet.


Focus step of week
7.  Tendu
Tendu (Front, Side Back). French Meaning= To stretch.

8.  Dégagé
Degage (Front, Side Back) French Meaning= Disengage


9.  Choreography Sample
Attached is a preview of the choreography you will receive. Included will be song suggestion and week by week progress videos for instructors as a guide for how much choreography to complete each lesson.

Game of the Day

Game of the Day
10.  Dance Like a Princess- Game
Follow along with the game.

Parent Share

Parent Share
11.  Coppelia- Parent Share
You will show of ballet marches.

Skill levels: Age 3-4, Age 5