Global Rugby Collaborative Members - 30-Day Trial - Lesson 3

Global Rugby Collaborative Members - 30-Day Trial - Lesson 3

  • Cones
  • Flags
  • Rugby balls

Rugby Goals

Introduce the tag transaction.


1.  Intro - Individual Defensive Skills
Some key points for the tag transaction in flag rugby.

Value Introduction

2.  Value - Camaraderie
Mutual trust and friendship amongst a team.

Warm Up

3.  Shark in the Tank - P01
A really fun, fast and frantic game that works on evasion for attackers and team work for defenders.

Skill Introduction

Individual Attack
Team Defense
4.  Bugs and Spiders
A great, simple game for working on attackers identifying space and "hitting gaps". The game also has a strong defensive component as they must cover a lot of ground and work together to catch all the bugs.

Skill Building

Individual Defense
5.  Apples and Oranges
A 1 v 1 reaction, tagging and evasion game that is fast and fun!

Condition Game

6.  Rugby Freeze Tag - P01
Rugby twist on the classic school yard game.

Rugby Conditioned Game

7.  Ultimate Rugby/Rugga Ball - P02
Modified rugby game where the ball carrier is only allowed to take 3 steps with the ball before passing it any direction.


8.  Reflection Questions: Individual Defensive Skills
Tagging and tag transaction questions to check for understanding.

Skill levels: Level 1, Level 2