Gymnastics Level 1 Only Trial Content - Girls - Lesson 03

Gymnastics Level 1 Only Trial Content - Girls - Lesson 03

  • Foam pit
  • Bar
  • P-Bars
  • Spotting Block (2x3x4)
  • Pool noodle
  • Trampoline
  • Tumble Track
  • Incline mat
  • Port-a-Pit (thick soft mat)
  • Small box
  • Rope
Class Memo
  • Adjust challenge options to create success for your students each week.
  • See parents of trial students after class confirming class is appropriate.


1.  Welcome Students
Introduce new students, attendance, check attire/remove jewelry, notice (lost tooth, hair cut, emotional state, etc.)

Warm up

2.  Non - competitive relays
Fun runs side by side into pit. Provide other activities for them on the way back to keep the line moving - no waiting. This is a non-competitive game. Do not focus on the fastest child. Encourage them to support each other to do their best.

Rotation 1

Bar - Games
3.  GL1S06 - Pullover with Box or High Bar (walk up/kick over) trackable
Pullover walking feet up box or bar to front support

4.  GL1S10 - Single Leg Swing-Up with One Touch trackable
Bar: knee swing up with touch off floor

5.  GL1S08 - Support Forward Roll to Support with One Jump trackable
Support, forward roll to support with one jump

6.  Glideswing G - P02
Glideswing piked over pool noodle

Rotation 2

8.  GL1S32 - Straddle Jump trackable
Tramp - Straddle Jump

9.  Tramp/Tumb.Track Bounces G - P03
Begin on hands and knees. Control bounce so hands and knees leave the tramp at the same time. Repeat 5x.

Rotation 3

11.  GL1S20 - Back Straddle Roll (down hill) trackable
Backward Straddle Roll down incline mat.

12.  GL1S22 - Piked Handstand w/Wall or Box, Fwd. Roll trackable
Handstand roll from laying on a box, sliding off to a mat

13.  GL1S24 - Bridge Kickover on 2' Thick Mat trackable
Bridge kick over with tall mats.

14.  Cartwheel G - P02
Cartwheel over small box, with targets for lunge finish. Both directions.

Fun Finish

15.  Rope Climb
Climb the rope to Personal Best


16.  Goodbye
Specific praise - remind them what they did well, promote upcoming events, select 1 parent to share quick praise

Skill levels: Level 1 Girls, FF Girls Level 1