Hip Hop - Level 1 - Lesson 03

Hip Hop - Level 1 - Lesson 03


Lesson Video


1.  Welcome
Take attendance Introduce new students Check attire/Remind students to remove jewelry Notice (lost tooth, hair cut, emotional state) Briefly go over the class plan for today.

Warm Up

2.  Marching in Place
Easy cardio warm-up to get heart rate up.

3.  Leg Lift Crunches
Lie on your back. Legs lifted straight up over your hips. Squeeze abs and lift arms as you try and reach up to touch your toes. Hold in this lifted position for 15-20 seconds before relaxing back down. Repeat 3-5 times.

4.  Side lunges
Basic lunge to the right and left to stretch inner thighs.

5.  Arm Circles
Rotate arms at the shoulder. Rotate forwards and backwards. Big and small.

6.  Butterfly Stretch
Seated hip stretch. Heels pulled in, hips open to the side. Torso lifted tall. Stretch forward to increase the stretch.

7.  Cross Body Stretch
Simple stretch for shoulders and upper arms.

8.  Glute Stretch: Floor
Lying on back. Keep one leg bent with the foot on the floor. Bend the other leg and cross at the ankle opening the hip. Lift the bottom leg off the floor and bring both legs into the chest until you feel a stretch in the glute muscles of the leg that is crossed over.

9.  Ab Twist
Lie on the floor. Knees bent. Both hands behind the head, elbows open to the side. Squeeze abdominal muscles to lift and reach the right elbow to the left knee. Come back to the neutral position, repeat lifting the left elbow to the right knee. Repeat back and forth 10-20 times.


10.  Hip Isolations
Practicing isolating hip movement

11.  Body Roll
Stylized hip hop movement.

12.  Stars
Legs jump out onto heels (balancing on one arm) from a squat position.

13.  Heel Twists
Stylized hip hop movement.


14.  Routine: Bahama Roller Coaster
Choreography set to music 1. Teach step-by-step slowly with counts first. 2. Practice going faster with counts in small sections (2-4 eight counts) 3. Practice small sections with the music as students are memorizing the choreography and are able to do it up to speed with the music (This could take a couple classes depending on the age/level of the class) 4. Practice the full routine with music, dancing along with the students 5. Eventually, students should be able to perform the full routine without help from the instructor.

Fun Closure

15.  I Love To Dance Because...
Each student gets a chance to share. This is an opportunity to share, socialize and build self-esteem in students. There are no wrong answers and make sure everyone gets the chance to speak and be heard.


16.  Quick Review
Quick verbal review of the skills that were practiced today in class. Ask the students to raise their hand to list 1-2 key points for each skill. Example for spotting: "keep eyes focused on one place", "keep chin level".


17.  Escort students out to lobby or parents.
Walk students out to parents. Choose one parent to make a positive statement to about their child in class.

Skill levels: Beginning